116.19m General Purpose Geared Cargo Ship with Double Hull

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City:   Melbourne, AUS
Year:   1998
Length:   116 m


IMO:                    9141663

Built:                    Jiangyang Shipyard no. 114

Built:                    1998

Flag :                    Australia

Registry :            Launceston

Call Sign :            VHDL

Class:                   GL+100 A 5 E G +MC "E" AUT 24 / 24, -equipped for carriage of

                              container, suitable for Carriage of dangerous goods 5,450mt dwt on

                              abt. 6.10m ssw draft Loa 116.19m LBP 107.48m Beam 16.60m Max air draft

                              39.0m GT  5,025 / NT 2,428

Lightweight:      2,829t

main engine:      man b&w diesel 6 l 40/54, 4 stroke
auxiliary:             2 x man d2840 le
speed and consumption:

abt. 14kn on about 17 mts ifo 380 cst per day a abt 2.5 mts mgo

when shaft generator disconnected and no reefer and or                                        

ventilation working. In port about 2.5 mts mgo when no reefer connected.


3 holds /hatches


-Individual hold cubic bale :

NO1: ABT. 2,260 CBM

NO2: ABT. 3,017 CBM

NO3: ABT. 2,917 CBM


no1: 19.40 x 13.20 / 10.60m

no2: 25.47 x 13.20m

no3: 25.47x 13.20m

hold dimensions :
no1-19.42m x13.20m/10.60m
no2 -25.47 m x 13.20 m
no3 -25.47 m x 13.20 m


height fm tanktop to hatchcoaming
no1 -11.10 m


hold 1 is narrowing in fore part of the hold and hold 3 is
narrowing in aft part of the hold

-container intake
in holds 162 teu
on deck 354 teu
=total= 516 teu




in holds 74 feu + 14 teu
on deck 163 feu + 25 teu
=total= 237 feu + 39 teu


Cargo Flexibility:

the vessel is designed to accommodate containers of following
dimensions -pls see container stowage plan for exact positions:
20' containers 20' x 8'0''x 8'6'' or 9'6''
30' containers 30' x 8'0''x 8'6''
40' containers 40' x 8'0''x 8'6'' or 9'6''
45' containers 45' x 8'0''x 8'6''
48' containers 48' x 8'0''x 9'6''
49' containers 49' x 8'0''x 9'6''

Container heights:
max. 2 tiers 9'6'' + 1 tier 8'6'' (bay 23-17, 13-07.01)
max. 2 tiers 9'6'' + 2 tiers 8'6'' (bay 05-03)



in hold 96 ts per 20' stack where 4 high stacking
72 ts per 20' stack where 3 high stacking
120 ts per 40' stack where 4 high stacking
90 ts per 40' stack where 3 high stacking
poop front 50 ts per 20' stack

on weather deck
50 ts per 20' stack outside rows
40 ts per 20' stack inner rows
60 ts per 40' stack outside rows
50 ts per 40' stack inner rows


tanktop 12 mt/sqm
hatch covers as per g.l. Rules.



Tthe vessel is fitted with 60 reefer sockets able to load 60 teu
reefer containers whereof upto 23 under deck and 37 on deck.
Vessel is fitted with a reefer monitoring system.

Reefer containers under deck are always subject to dangerous goods
cargo onboard and provided no breakbulk cargo is loaded in holds.
Reefer containers under deck not to be loaded on top of each other
and not in the 3 tier.


Arrangements for reefer containers are as follows :
hold no 1 -aft part/-bulkhead -5 connections
hold no 2 -fore part/-bulkhead -5 connections
hold no 2 -aft part/-bulkhead -5 connections
hold no 3 -fore part/-bulkhead -5 connections
hold no 3 -aft part/-bulkhead -3 connections


In case charterers carrying fruit and other frozen cargo in reefer
containers and generators have to be kept within a short
temperature range of max 2-4 degr c, i.e. Generators have to work
more or less 24 hours the day then it could be possible that the
power supply from the vessel is not sufficient to supply power for
the reefer containers especially not when shaft generator has to
be disconnected due to weather etc and/or when the cranes/
ventilation is/are working simultaneously at sea resp. In port. In
this respect the reefer container carrying capacity to be reduced
in accordance to vessel's feasable power supply. Reefer containers
have to be supplied to the vessel always down cooled to the correct
temperature. Vsl not to down cool containers when loaded onboard.

-stability intake based on homogenous weight basis saltwater on even


271 teu bss 14 mts homogeneously loaded
247 teu bss 16 mts homogeneously loaded
238 teu bss 18 mts homogeneously loaded
subject to final stability calculations.

-all above figures and/or container intakes are always subject to
vessel's overall stability, trim, max permissible weights, cargo
securing manual, canal-and river regulations and visibility.


Lashing Material:

gl classified lashing equipment, type ceman which is in accordance with the
us-osha rules.


Dangerous Cargoes:

The vessel is able to load dangerous goods cargoes according to
vessel's "certificate of compliance for the carriage of dangerous
goods" however owners do not allow to ship cargoes defined under
classes 6.2 and 7 of the imdg code even if allowed by
vessel's certificates. All other allowed cargoes mentioned in imdg
code which are not explicit excluded by owners to be filed/packed/
labelled/loaded/stowed/shipped/discharged always in accordance with
the imo-, local-, federal-, canal-, river-and coast guard (incl.
The us code of federal regulations) regulations and vessel's class
and certificates and according to the imdg-code incl. Volume 1 + 2
and supplement.


Any special fittings -if necessary -required
either by the resp. Authorities and/or the international
regulations to be supplied and paid for by charterers at their
time/risk/expense and sole responsibility charterers to inform
the master latest 2 days prior arrival of each port about the
dangerous cargo(es) and to provide proper documentation for
dangerous cargo(es) prior to loading cargo(es) mentioned in the

imdg-code and same to be always according to the rules and
regulations of the respective country where the cargoes will be
loaded/discharged or passing in transit failing charterers are
fully responsible for any and all costs/consequences/time lost/
extra insurance/fines/possible restowage of cargo etc whatsoever/
howsoever caused. Master is not allowed to sail without official
cargo documents.

Container intake 516 teu
reefer plugs 60 on deck
2 hydr. Cranes outreach 25.0m 40t each

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