NEW Landing Craft Tank 24 for Sale {24 m, Military LCT or Ferry Demilitarized, project 24} for Sale

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City:   Varna
Model:   Military LCT 24
Year:   2014
Length:   24 m
Condition:   New
DWT:   60
LDT:   50
Flag:   Bulgaria

NEW Landing Craft Tank 24 for Sale {24 m, Military LCT or Ferry Demilitarized, project 24} for Sale

NEW Landing Craft Tank 24 for Sale {24 m, Ferry Demilitarized, project 24} for Sale

Produced: under contract by a Shipyard in Bulgaria

Condition on the purchase: EXW/FOB Port Bulgaria

1) The price is EXW Bulgaria
2) The price does not include radio-navigation equipment and any additional equipment, which will be chosen by the Client and will be added in addition to the price.
The price excludes Classification Society supervision. The Classification Society choice to be agreed with the Client.
- The shipbuilding contract to be finalized and signed after development and agreement of the contract specification.
- The warranty terms to be specified in the contract and to be the standard ones for the European shipbuilding.


1. General

Landing craft with open cargo hold, watertight washboard and fore ramp gate.The landing craft purpose is to transport and load/unload motor vehicles or general cargo on unequipped shore.The landing craft may be used also for transport operations inside a port, or for a ferry.Building and construction of the vessel shall be according to and surveying by the classification society.The landing craft can be transported as a cargo on a multipurpose cargo ship. For loading or unloading the craft is required derrick or cargo crane with SWL not less than 60 t.The landing craft may load motor vehicles up to 40 t. or general cargo up to 50 t.

2. Main characteristics

Length over all
about 24 m.
Mean draft
1.25 - 1.55 m.
about 5.2 m
Mean speed
Option 01: not less than 10 knots / Option 02:  not less than 20 knots
750 miles
Loading capacity
50 t.
4 persons
Main dimensions of the cargo hold
Volume 114m3 Length about 12,5 m.
Length about 12,5 m; Breadth about 3,8 m

3. Hull
Design and construction should be in accordance with classification society requirements.
The hull material - ship building steel. The deck-house material - aluminum alloy.

4. General arrangement
Between 0-25 space the open cargo hold, watertight washboard and fore ramp gate are arranged.
Between 25-36 space the engine room is arranged.
Between 36-39 space the battery box, aft ballast tank and bilge water tank are arranged.
Between 39-44 space the steering gear room and anchor chain chest are arranged.
Between 30-38 space on the main deck the accommodations, bridge, and removable mast are arranged.

5. Main engines and propulsion
2 Marine diesel engines with 300 bhp. with 662 rpm. of the propeller. The engines are equipped with reversive gear and underwater exhaust gas outlet. The remote control system for the main engines is installed inside the bridge. Both main engines are with independent shaft lines with nozzle propellers. The 2 propellers are with 0.9m diameter and are fabricated by bronze alloy.

6. Auxiliaries
The diesel generator onboard is with 17,5 kW output and 1500 nominal rpm.

7. Steering system
Consists of 2 independently one from another rotating nozzles, driven by hydraulic steering gear with additional emergency system used in case of failure of main system. The steering gear provides rotation of the nozzles from one board to the other in 15 sec.

8. Anchoring arrangement
Consists of one anchor "Holl" 150kg, anchor chain with a 75 m length, made by stud links 14 mm. caliber and a capstan with 9 m/min collecting anchor chain speed.

9. Mooring arrangement
Consists of 3 mooring Capron ropes with 90 mm. diameter and 100 m. combined length; 2 cross bollards, 2 single pillar bollards, 2 chests for the mooring ropes.

10. Bow ramp gate arrangement
Consists of fore ramp gate with 3,3 m. width, 2 hydraulic cylinders for opening and closing the ramp gate, 1 system for emergency closing the ramp gate.

11. Fire fighting and damage control system
Alarm against fire and troubles.
Fire main sea water system. Consists of electric pump with discharge of 25 m 3/h, 6 m. head with, and the necessary pipelines.
Foam extinguishing system - for extinguishing in Engine room and Cargo hold. Consists of compressed air tank with 12 l. volume and 9,8 MPa. working pressure, extinguishing foam tank with 100 l. volume, and the necessary pipelines.

12. Bilge and sewage system
Bilge and sewage system consists of 1 Bilge tank with 180 l. volume and one ejector pump powered by the fire main sea water pump with 15 m 3 / h flow.

13. Ventilation system
Bridge and accommodations - natural suction and exhaust ventilation Battery box - natural exhaust ventilation Steering gear room - natural suction ventilation
Engine room - natural exhaust ventilation; forced suction ventilation - consists of 2 centrifugal vents with 2000 m 3 / h flow and 1670 MPa working pressure each.

14. Navigation aids, communication equipment
As the customer demands.

15. Accommodation
Living conditions - considered and enough for a crew of 4 people.

16. Rules and regulation
The landing craft should be built comply with:

The requirements of classification society for building.

Fire protection.

International telecommunication radio regulation.

Seaworthy properties and the stability should meet the requirements for such type of landing craft and operating unlimited sailing area.

Sanitary regulation for such ship.

International convention against pollution.

All rules and regulations are according to the customers demands.

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