4 Units Modern Jack-Up Barge Fleet for Sale

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Year:   2010
Condition:   Excellent
DWT:   -
LDT:   -
Flag:   -


a) Built of Year: 1986,Japan
    Class: KR
    Flag: Korea 
    LOA/B/D: 41/21/3.3m
    Working Water Depth: 43m
    GRT/Self-Weight: 505/598
    Payload: 4 x 550T
    Jacking Speed: 6.6m/hr
    Anchor Winch: 4 x 5T @ 52m/min
    Leg/Dia: 4 x 52.5m/1450mm

b) Built of Year: 2014,Japan
    Class: KR
    Flag: Korea 
    LOA/B/D: 42.5/21/3.3m
    GRT/Self-Weight: 549/1033
    Clear Deck: 686.7m²
    Deck Load: 42.9 T/m² (70% Safety Margin)
    Leg/Dia: 4 x 52.5m/1450mm
    Hyd. Self-elevating: 0.7m/min (42m/h)
    Lifting Up Load: 550T (Incl. Self-weight 700T)
    Anchor Winch: 4 x 5T @ 16m/min

c) Built of Year: 2010,Korea
    Class: KR
    Flag: Korea
    LOA/B/D: 50/29/4.5m
    Water Depth: 40m
    Payload: 1200T
    Deck Load: 15 T/m²
    Jacking Speed: 12m/hr 
    Winch: 4 sets
    Leg Length: 4 x 65m

d) Built of Year: 2012,Korea
    Class: KR
    Flag: Belize
    LOA/B/D: 55/30/4.5m
    Draft: 3.2m
    Water Depth: 40m
    Displacement: 4600T
    Payload: 1500T
    Deck Load: 10 T/m²
    Jacking Speed: 12m/hr 
    Anchor Winch/Dia: 6 x 4.5T / 42mm x 400m
    Leg/Dia: 4 x 66.7m/2300mm
    Crawler Crane: Kobelco SL4500, 400TLC
    Accommodation: 39pax

All are inspectable/deliverable in Korea. 
Full Detail Available Againest Serious Buyers.
Contact us for Price.

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