20800DWT Bulk Cargo Vessel

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Model:   Bulk Cargo Vessel


This vessel is designed for international navigation. It is mainly for bulk cargo, capable of dry cargo as well. The vessel can carry coal, steel products, steel coils, grain, ore, bagged corn, bagged cement, and other non-inflammables. Cargo that may move, such as steel products, shall be securely fastened during transportation, and bulk cargo should be distributed evenly in the whole cargo area, make the surface as even as possible, so as to avoid danger caused by cargo movement.

Classification character: I +HULL +MACHINERY BULK CARRIER CSR ESP


The vessel is made of steel with single deck, double bottom and double shell. It has transom stern and bulbous bow, single engine and single propeller, single rudder, driven by diesel engine. The vessel has forecastle and deckhouse of five floors at the rear. 2.1 Main Dimensions

Length overall 158.6 m

Length between perpendiculars 149.9 m

Breadth (MLD) 22.8 m

Depth (MLD) 13.2 m

Design draft 9.3 m

Displacement about 26736.5t

Deadweight ton about20800t

Gross tonnage 13675

Net tonnage 6425

2.2 Deck Height, Sheer, and Camber

Height between decks

Main deck – forecastle 3.00 m

Main deck – boat deck 3.00 m

Boat deck – accommodation deck 2.70 m

Accommodation deck– captain deck 2.70 m

Captain deck – navigation deck 2.70 m

Navigation deck – compass deck 2.65 m

Sheer: Sheer aft 0.415 m, sheer forward 0.566 m

Camber 0.40 m

2.3 Height of Double Bottom

Height of cargo hold double bottom: 1350 mm

Height of engine room double bottom: 1600 mm

2.4 Capacities

Cargo Holds (Hatch coaming excluded)

Cargo hold 1 length27.75 m about5,690m3

Cargo hold 2 length32.25 m about6,590m3

Cargo hold 2 length32.25 m about6,590m3

Cargo hold 4 length31.50 m about5,900m3

Total: length114.75 m about24,770

Liquid tanks:



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