About Service

1- Shipseller.net online sale and purchase services
sale and purchase of ships,yachts equipments and other marine products


2- Shipseller.net only provides the infrastructure which enables its Members , Clients to get into contact, registering your vessels,yachts
and equipments with shipseller.net is free of charge,listing on a no brokers and ship owners commission.


3- The execution of the transactions shall be the exclusive responsibility
of the members involved. Shipseller.net shall not warrant that the transactions entered into between members can orderly executed.
Shipseller.net shall also not act in any mediating or arbitrating way in
case of disputes between members.


4- If not declared in a special agreement the contractual relationships
between members and shipseller.net shall be governed only by the terms and


Ship sale and purchase products


1- Registration on shipseller.net for the purpose to sell products
or inquire for products is fee.


2- All parties offering products on shipseller.net have to registered
 members.The seller of a product is responsible for the data posted.
shipseller.net can not guarantee that the information on the website
is correct.


3- Gold members have got a membership fee.

About Membership


1- To get listed in the Marine Directory a company must do business in the marine area. All parties listed in the Directory must be registered members.


2- Gold Member valid for  12 months,
starting with the date of activation. 

- Gold members cost

- EUR   99 for a Gold member, valid for 12 months

We will activate your account between 1 / 12  hours after registration
Membership fee will not be refunded